Discount Ad Brokers offers advertisers highly discounted media placements. These are contracted capacity buys and aggressive bulk inventory based contracts we enter into with the various media properties to bring our clients top tier placements at pricing levels at or below remnant inventory rate structures. We offer a complete suite of media planning tools, response analytics and campaign development services along with an inventory acquisition model that provides extremely discounted rate structures. We offer the same media and placement services a traditional agency delivers. We just do so at highly discounted rates.
Discount Advertising Placements Utilizing All Major Forms Of Media
Internet based display advertising offers advertisers immediate response data unavailable in other forms of advertising as well as the ability to target the specific interest areas and reference points that match the target demo. 52% of online consumers place the most trust in advertising they find on branded websites. Discount Ad Brokers offers highly discounted placement opportunities on thousands of nationally branded websites as well as local and regional site targets.
Television is seen as the Most Influential Ad Medium For consumer Purchase Decisions. When it comes to the advertising medium they find most influential in making a purchase decision, American adults are far more likely to point to TV (37.2%) than any other, including newspapers (10.6%), the internet (5.6%), and magazines (4.4%), Increase the return on your advertising investment by lowering the cost of your television campaign using the buying power of Discount Ad Brokers. Whether your delivering a reach based branding effort or a highly targeted direct response campaign we have the inventory assets and discount structures to maximize your profit potential by lowering your cost per connect.
7 in 10 Americans Say Radio is Part of Their Daily Routine and a recent report demonstrated that radio benefits from its ability to trigger emotional connections from listeners creating a connection to the advertiser. A recent study shows 72% of respondents believe that radio feels more “human” than the Internet, and 65% feel it is more “personal” than TV. Radio offers an extended geographic reach over media formats such as TV providing an overall lower cost per impression. In recent years the effectiveness of radio in direct response and lead generation efforts has risen along with the use of mobile technology. Discount Ad Brokers offers terrestrial radio in local, regional and syndicated distribution channels as well as Satellite and web based streaming content.
Billboards, One Sheets, Wall Posters, Transit, Taxi Top, In Theater , Airport and retail Display advertising have all proven themselves to be valuable additions to layering awareness into target markets to increase brand awareness and recognition frequency. Discount Ad Brokers offers a wide range of Out Of Home placement opportunities at significantly discounted rate structures.
Despite the rapid advances in Internet consumption there are several sectors of the population which rely heavily on print based media for their news and information. Senior executives are more likely to prefer reading a range of publications in their printed formats rather than digitally, 51% of US adults say they read newspapers mostly in print, compared to 14% who read them mostly on line and 7% who do so mostly on a mobile or tablet. A majority also prefer reading industry trade journals (56%), general business magazines (56%), and leisure publications (60%) in their printed form. Discount Ad Brokers offers hundreds of national magazines , over 1000 local newspapers as well as industry trade journals and local magazines at extremely discounted pricing structures.
Whether you're running a Direct Response Campaign, Lead Generation program or Branding effort the placement tools and discount structures of Discount Ad Brokers will allow you to lower your cost per connect and maximize your advertising budget.
For those operating Lead Generation programs we provide the ability to target local and regional markets at rate structures normally available only to national advertisers.
For the Direct response advertiser we have developed target saturation programs that offer the ability to maximize frequency while utilizing our response analytics tools to establish the metrics necessary to plan and execute a successful DR campaign
Branding campaigns can be delivered with the same precision and cost saving rate structures available to Direct Response advertisers.
Please feel free to contact us prior to your next advertising buy for a, no obligation, media plan review and target analysis report
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