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Confessions Of A Media Buyer
How To Buy Non Remnant Media at Below Remnant Rates
As Media properties struggle with the changing landscape of today’s media consumption models the need to maintain viable revenue streams from an ever-expiring inventory of commercial spots, magazine pages and web impressions has led to pressure to maintain and even increase the historical CPM levels being charged advertisers. Ad agencies as well are facing financial pressure as traditional big budget TV campaign are shifting into less profitable digital platforms which also affects revenues from production services associated with TV commercials. The bottom line is that in an effort to maintain revenues both the media properties and the ad agencies are maximizing their profitability on the placements . What brand managers are learning is that just shifting all ad spending over to digital is not the answer. Advertisers that have taken this path are seeing sales slump and brand credibility plummet. People are still watching certain sectors of TV. Radio has seen significant increases in both listeners and response rates. Content based digital is what is appealing to consumers. The targeting ability of streaming significantly increases conversion rates. The media properties need to maintain cash flow. The annual upfront markets fell off more than expected with CPM levels increased. This is a great opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of a little know media placement model that allows for the purchase of non remnant media at below remnant rates. There is a small group of advertising agencies, such as Discount Ad Brokers, that operate on a media broker model where contracted capacity buys and aggressive bulk inventory purchases are entered into to provide media properties with consistent cash flow and bring our clients top tier, non remnant, placements at pricing levels at or below remnant inventory rate structures. The media properties benefit from consistent cash flow or bulk cash up front purchases. Advertisers benefit from much lower costs on the most effective media while controlling both reach and frequency.
We currently have over 2,800 advertising opportunities available at extremely discounted rate structures including major TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and out of home placements and offer an array of alternative finance programs to help you obtain the major advertising you need